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Warwickshire Police Force announce Tetra will go live in November this year!!!

ACT looking for new members to join the committee snd help us take this issue forward

Shocking news - Is this the first police death from Tetra?



What are the health concerns?

Will it affect you and your family?

Could your property be devalued?



The roll out of Tetra masts concerns us all!.

  We have formed ACT (Alcester Community against Tetra) to raise awareness of the unresolved health issues regarding this new technology and to get the roll out of Tetra halted nationally, not just locally, until everyone can be assured of its safety.  

   ACTnews is for the community of Alcester, the surrounding area, and beyond. Please take time to explore this website. Here you can find:

What Tetra is,

Why it's a concern,

Where Tetra will affect,

What can be done about it,

What IS being done about it,

How can I help?

   We will bring you regular breaking news about ACT and Tetra. You can also send us any questions, concerns and ideas you may have and we will include these in our Questions page.

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   Tetra is a very real concern for all of us, but we CAN do something about it if we ACT together as a community.