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The Ecologist article - a MUST READ

"If you live near a Tetra mast, then this story affects you directly. And considering that there will eventually be at least 3,200 such masts erected in the UK, there will be one near you."

This is possibly the best article i have read about Tetra and you simply must read it. Click here to read it.

ACT Public Meeting

   ACT held a public meeting with expert guest speakers from both sides of the debate. Click here to read about it.

To Pulse or not to pulse?

Airwave tells us Tetra doesn't pulse. Everyone else tells us it does! Click here for a brief description of the Tetra pulsing technology.

Police use selective evidence

The police magazine "The Bear Facts" fails to tell full story of ACT meeting. Click here to read about it.

We are not alone!

No, not a UFO story but an update of our links page. Click here to take a look at how many groups there are out there who, like us, oppose Tetra.

Is This The First Police Death From TETRA?

   We are all shocked and saddened by this news and offer our condolences to the family. You simply have to read this report on Dr Grahame Blackwell's web site Starweave. This points the way, perhaps more clearly than anything else, that Tetra is taking us. Click here to read this report by Dr Grahame Blackwell, and here to read the report in the Daily Telegraph.


Tetra approved for full Roll Out in Warwickshire !

   Warwickshire Police Force have given the go ahead for the roll out of Tetra across our county! Details are still sketchy but it appears that the plan is in place for Tetra to go live around November this year!

   We can not simply sit back and allow this to happen.

   Now is the time to act if you don't want this to affect YOU!

Join ACT Now!

   ACT is but a handful of people (representing the many) who are opposed to the roll out of Tetra. We need more people to really make a difference.

   Please come and join us. We need people with drive and passion to take this issue forwards and make a difference.  We are only asking for a little of your time. The more there are of us the more we can achieve but also the less the burden on any one individual.

   Tetra WILL appear in our back yards very soon now if we don't do something about it. Join us and give a little of your time to help in this VERY worthwhile cause. Click here to contact us.


Victory in Manchester

   We recently received 2 emails from a visitor to ACTnews who lives in Manchester. The first told us of a seemingly ludicrous plan to erect a Tetra mast on a block of flats!!! The second told us of their success in their campaign to fight the erection of this mast. Congratulations to all involved. It can and does happen and with your continued support it will continue to happen. Click here to read the email.