Tetra Consultant for Mast Sanity
Ex Section Editor of Reuters News Agency & Daily Telegraph. Started researching Tetra because of Tetra application in the tiny Gloucester village of Amberley. Has been fighting Tetra for 3 years.

In April 2003, I had reports that a large number of tv sets in the small Gloucester town of Dursley had been blanked. This is how we knew that Airwave had started testing Tetra in Gloucester.(It went fully live in June). I visited the streets where I had been told people were complaining that they no longer had any tv picture. AT NO TIME DID I THEN, OR HAVE I SINCE, SUGGESTED T0 ANYBODY THAT THEY MIGHT BE SUFFERING ANY ILL HEALTH EFFECTS FROM THE OPERATION IN DURSLEY OF THE 3 TETRA ANTENNAE ON TOP OF THE VERY TALL I BT. BUlLDING IN THE CENTRE OF THIS TINY TOWN WHICH IS SURROUNDED BY HILLS.

To date, over 30 people who told me they had tv trouble from that week in April volunteered to me personally that they were suffering conditions from then and since, which they had never experienced before. Some people suffered 2 or 3 of these following conditions; some suffered from just 1:

The most common condition is sudden awakening, up to half a dozen times a night as one sufferer described it “waking up as though you’d been given an electric shock”. Other common complaints were severe migraine headaches never experienced before; nose bleeds never experienced before; all over skin rashes (I saw myself 3 cases of these) exhaustion with no external cause and an uncomfortable feeling of body warmth (heating of body tissue-only effect covered by ICNIRP, NRPB and the World Health Organisation).

In the case of one family closest to the antennae both the mother (a young teacher) and her daughter (aged 7) not only woke up repeatedly but also suffered periodic hallucinations. These ranged from a dismembered hand floating in the air; cartoon characters also floating around; sense that there was a tight band around the bed which had to be removed and the delusion that the sea was lapping near them.

Together with other effects on humans living close to Tetra masts these experiences which also include other children are a national public health disgrace. I know of 2 other areas of Gloucester where people living close to Tetra have reported severe health symptoms.

The government must immediately stop the running of Tetra and its roll-out and must give proper consideration to the protection of the Police of whom over 300 to date, in 3 Police areas, are complaining of ill health never experienced before. And, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, are planning civil action.

Lynne Edmunds.