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(Then the good news!)

Hi there.

We have been informed that a Tetra Mast will be going up on our 14 storey block. We live in Manchester. Nearby in New Moston the council have passed a similar scheme and refused to take health into consideration. At the moment we are getting petitions together, writing letters, thinking up ideas, studying scientific reports, sending e mails, I have even e mailed scientists. Would be grateful if you could pass on any other ideas you may have for our campaign. At least our councillor is on our side and she is one fiesty lady but we just do not know how long it will be before O2 arrives on site. Residents are really scared and it is just not fair doing this to people. We have four lovely ladies who have been fighting cancer and are in remission. We have joined mast sanity but any extra info is welcome. Good Luck

Common Sense Prevails?

A.K.A. It can happen!!!

We recently received a further email from this contributor to tell us that they have won their fight and that the housing department have refused permission for the mast!

“Our local councillor backed us and then I threatened to sue everyone on the committee if any health problems arose in the area, that seemed to do the trick.”

Congratulations to all involved in this.

It can happen, it does happen and it must continue to happen!