Mast Sanity Press Release

Public Enquiry Demanded After Police Death

Mast Sanity are calling for an immediate public inquiry after the death of Neil Dring a young (38) extremely healthy police officer in Leicestershire and the identical rare cancer of one of his colleagues.

In the last 2 years over 300 police officers were reported as suffering numerous symptoms in Lancashire and Yorkshire. More complaints have been raised within the Crime Investigation Unit in Lancashire after throat tumours had occurred as well as numerous other minor but significant ailments.

Neils brother Dr. Ian Dring who is a scientist himself said, “Neil’s death has been a tremendous shock. He had a young family, had a good job, was fit and healthy, was a keen sportsman and was respected and loved by those who knew him. Neil died of cancer of the oesophagus, which is extremely rare for his age group (below 40). He was very fit and healthy and had none of the preconditions for this illness. He was convinced that Tetra had caused his illness, this was because of severe headaches whilst using the system and that the site of his tumour was directly adjacent to where he mounted the Tetra handset on his chest. There is a colleague of Neil’s, also in the Leicestershire constabulary of a similar age and equally as healthy who has been diagnosed with the same condition. The chances of these illnesses occurring without a link between them are impossibly low. They were both subjected to Tetra radiation on a daily basis, either from handsets or transmission masts. In view of the fact that cancers such as these have been predicted an urgent investigation should be carried out. It has been a very traumatic time for my family and my thoughts are with the other officer and his family”

The independent physicist Barrie Trower who was commissioned by the Police Federation to produce a report on TETRA in 2001 and predicted in his report the occurrence of these illnesses, said, “It is a sad day when yet more of my predictions are proved correct. I expect more instances of serious illness to hit many more of our police officers before the authorities admit their mistake and close this dangerous system down.”

Member of Mast Sanity and GP Dr. Chris Nunn said, “This type of cancer is uncommon in young men without risk factors, and concerns that the emissions from TETRA may increase risk of local cancer have been expressed by experts in this field for some time. Surely Airwave must accept that the responsibility now lies with them to provide evidence that their system is not associated with increased risk of tumours before exposing more officers to these emissions.”

Director of Mast Sanity Lisa Oldham said, “The lives of our police officers are being sacrificed because of the use of a communication system that is clearly not safe, all for the sake of money and political arrogance, the withdrawal of the system is being denied for no other reason than saving political face. We are calling for an immediate Public Inquiry into the TETRA system as a whole. Not just looking at the appalling risks our police officers are forced to take but also the countless number of civilians who are suffering ill health as a result of masts close to their homes.”