Proof From China

More Proof Hot From China

10 Year Phone Radiation Study Findings

This is just an extract from recent scientific findings (October 2003) entitled Proceedings Electromagnetic Fields and Biological Effects/Guilin, China, sponsored by the Ministry of Health, China, World Health Organisation and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection.

‘The last 10 years studies on radiation to that emitted by Cell Phones have shown a majority of results showing biological effects. Out of 154 studies 88 or 57% showed biological effects, such as cancer, genetic, molecular and cellular changes, electro physiology effects, behavior changes, etc. Survey by Dr. Henry Lai, Washington University, Seattle 2003.

Even though it is still a question whether these biological changes indeed will cause health effects, the amount of evidence for biological effects and the characteristics of these are so alarming, that all efforts should be dedicated to find a way to minimize these effects.’

Conclusion from this document:

‘It is demonstrated in the majority of the 154 published scientific studies about radiation similar to that emitted by cell phones, that nonthermal EMF fields in ELF,RF and microwave frequency area can cause biological effects, which can be, but not necessarily are, harmful to the exposed human or animal cellular system’.