Victory in Rogate

Tetra “underhand” tactics beaten by local protest group

A local protest group in Rogate, near Petersfield, has recently won a court case forcing Airwave to remove two Tetra masts illegally erected.

The group was formed after the masts were erected in the middle of the night by Airwave, the company responsible for the roll out of the Tetra system. Once challenged by the protest group it transpired that these masts had been erected without planning permission.

The group then took airwave to court and won their case leaving Airwave with a court order to remove the masts.

The members of the protest group then camped out by the masts and were amazed to find that contractors arrived to complete the removal work in the middle of the night! The group filmed the work as evidence of the bizarre time that it was completed.

There is still some concern however as although the masts have been removed, Airwave left behind equipment on the site which, it appears, would make it a simple task to re erect these masts.

The seemingly underhand tactics used by Airwave of erecting masts without planning permission, in the middle of the night when they can’t be observed, and removing them in the middle of the night when it would attract least publicity, really do bring the credibility of the company into question. What are they trying to hide?

Do you know of any other cases like this? Have Tetra masts appeared near you without your knowledge or without you receiving information regarding a planning application? If so, please click here to tell us about it.