Warwickshire Police

Warwickshire Police announce Tetra to go live in November 2004
First published on Wednesday 12 May 2004

Police in radio row

Plans by Warwickshire Police to push ahead with a new communications system have been criticised by a campaigner in Alcester.

The force announced this week that work is to begin on alterations at the control room with the aim of getting the O2 Airwave service, which requires controversial Tetra masts to operate, up and running by November.

But Nina Knapman, an active member in Alcester Community against Tetra (ACT) said she believed the new system was being pushed through too quickly.

“I think it’s good for the police to have better communications but this is just being foisted on them,” she said.

Announcing the move to Airwave, Chief Constable John Burbeck said: “The system will improve our ability to protect the public and improve the safety of our staff, who can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations,

“This radio equipment is more flexible and reliable than any the police service has seen before.

“Clearer communications will mean quicker, more effective action.

“The ability to prevent criminals listening in to our every move has made a real difference in those parts of the country where Airwave has already been introduced.

“It is another piece of technology to enable us to provide a better service to the public.”

Warwickshire Police Federation is also backing the introduction of Airwave.

Chairman Chris Edmond said: “The new radio system will enhance the safety of officers by providing a better, more consistent radio service as well as providing many new features and capabilities previously not available.”