Two Tetra masts must come down by end of week

New Forest Local Paper
Two Tetra masts must come down by end of week

Installer of the controversial Tetra system, Airwave MMO2, has been warned it has a week to remove two masts in the New Forest put up without planning permission. New Forest District Council sent a letter to the company stating that it may remove the towers itself if O2 does not act by next Friday.

O2 had two months to comply with enforcement notices on sites at Home Farm, Dibden, and Margarets Mead Farm, Fritham, after dropping an appeal. District Council principal planning officer Steve Avery cautioned that failure to remove the towers would be an offence and legal action would be taken. “This legal action could either take the form of initiating summary proceedings at the magistrates court or the Council invoking its ‘work in default’ powers by taking ‘direct action'”, he reported.

Dibden Residents Against Tetra (DRAT) was formed to oppose the masts at Home Farm, which is near three schools. Health worries were raised by the group and it’s leaders have vowed to alert other residents if a transmitter appears on their doorsteps. A demonstration is also being planned for next Saturday if the tower has not been removed.

“They are working for the police force and actively breaking the law of the land. We are becoming more and more annoyed it is still there. We are concerned that after the deadline it could still be there. If the legal action is drawn out it could still be transmitting” said joint chairman of DRAT, Barrie Slipper.

When contacted by the “A&T” about the removal date and planned demonstration, O2 spokesperson Peter Sitch stated it was “a matter between us and our landlord” and put the phone down before other questions could be asked.