Do Something!

What can be done to stop Tetra?

Does it seems like it is impossible to stand up to the system and make changes?

Aren’t we really too small to make a difference?

Read on!

On Wednesday 2nd July 2003, at Sidlesham, Chichester in West Sussex, a group of concerned residents objected to the proposed erection of Tetra masts. The Area Planning Committee rejected the proposal of Tetra masts on ‘perceived health grounds’.

Week of 25th July, at King’s Heath, Birmingham a Tetra mast application was rejected on ‘perceived health grounds’

Have a look at our “Latest News” page (click on the link above) to see the many, many successes that are being had around the country. The whole country is fighting Tetra and with increasing success.

It Can Happen!

There are many community groups springing up all over the country and they are having increasing effect.

If you are concerned about Tetra and it’s impact on your life, join us, or you too can form a local group to insist the local council take your views into consideration.

If you want any help, there is plenty of information inside this website or email us! We are always happy to forge links with other groups.