Stop Tetra

What IS being done to stop Tetra?
We have formed ACT (Alcester Community against Tetra) to raise awareness of the unresolved health issues regarding this new technology and to get the roll out of Tetra halted nationally, not just locally, until everyone can be assured of its safety. We are not scientists, just ordinary people concerned about ordinary people.


2 Day exhibition of all material we have been able to access to date plus video.

Public Meeting chaired by Lord Hertford with 2 independent scientist speakers. (awareness leaflet delivered to virtually every home in Alcester).

Letters and lobbying of both local and national government representatives – an on-going process. Plus liaison with all media.

Petition signing.

Creation of this web site.

Initiating copies of video to be made for general access/awareness.

Co-ordination with other groups and individuals locally and nationally.

Future Plans?

? ACT is currently gathering all the facts and sharing these and action plans with the many other groups springing up around the country. ACT has been, and continues to share this information with Local Councils and central Government. However the Tetra roll out continues. As a result, one of the many courses of action that ACT is currently considering is to take legal action against those responsible.

? Does the Area Planning Committee & Stratford County Council have unlimited indemnity? If not, they are open to problems like in Swindon. So show Alcester residents that they have written third party indemnity for any law suits that will come on medical or devaluation grounds. If they don’t, the residents can name Committee members in law and put them ‘on notice’. Each person named is held individually financially responsible for any problems that arise and could be subject of legal action against them and can lose say their home, car, etc.
? Under PPG8 and the Human Rights Act, the council (and our government) have a duty of care to its citizens. No drug is allowed out into the market place until it has been rigorously tested. So why is Tetra being allowed to roll out? Why are we not being given sight of all the facts? If there’s a serious likelihood of something being dangerous in public health terms, it should be halted until PROVEN SAFE.

Act works for and with the local community. If you have any ideas that will assist ACT, please click here.