Why it is a concern?

Tetra uses unproven new low microwave technology. This pulses or modulates at a similar electronic frequency as our brains at 17.6Hz. Australia and New York threw it out as a risk to life. It is NOT used at these frequencies anywhere else in the world. Low frequency radiation was developed during the cold war as a weapon!

   Children are particularly at risk. The Tetra wavelength is 0.75m. Perfect to allow children of tender ages to act as efficient aerials, so children WILL absorb more. Add to this their softer, thinner skulls, increased rate of cell division, unstable electrical brain-wave activity and you have a system that is tuned to affect their small bodies.

Health Issues

   In Lancs, where the police have used it the longest, 220 policemen to date have suffered permanent damage to hearing, and shown increased symptoms of migraines, nausea & body warming. They are currently suing via the Police Federation.

   Dursley, Glos. Within 3 days of Tetra being erected, 20+ residents living 1/4 mile distant started suffering ill health they had never experienced before e.g. waking up in the middle of the night with migraine, skin rashes (no discernible reason), nose bleeds, hallucinations, disturbed sleep patterns, feeling of extreme warmth. Whole families, not just individuals.

   In April this year at a second site in Glos, similar problems were experienced.

   Tetra ‘pulsing’ affects the heart as well as brain. There is a 43% chance of serious problems arising from walkers with pacemakers or heart conditions passing by a mast or those in vicinity of police using the system.

   Lloyds and Swiss Re, major underwriters & insurers, have withdrawn liability cover for any radiation damage of any kind within the last 2 years. They cited striking resemblance between the development of asbestos and tobacco health issues.

   Government experts say “it is as safe as possible – well within government guidelines”. However, these guidelines only cover one effect of radiation. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-lonising Radiation Protection) & NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board) only set guidelines. For one type of similar microwave transmitter we have safety levels of:



Government safety level guidelines (units)



Italy and Russia


U.S. research base


U.K. (N.R.P.B.)





   Agreement has just been signed in Strasbourg by 19 Scientists from 9 countries to a safety level one-tenth of one unit! A huge variation from U.K. ICNIRP levels – 90,000 times! (Therefore how can we take these safety levels seriously at all)

   The Home Office has commissioned Imperial College to monitor the health of 100,000 police officers over 15 years to check the safety of this new system. It means the police are being used in a 15 year cancer experiment. The police work in shopping malls, down our high streets, schools, come into our homes. By implication we are all being used in this experiment. Have we consented to this?

   Firemen & women, ambulance/paramedics, etc all risk the same health problems by receiving calls from the Tetra system.

   Independent expert, Barrie Trower, author of Tetra report for the Police Federation, states “You may as well say random notes inserted into a symphony won’t do any harm”, and “This is an untested system. No drug would be allowed to be released without 10 years of testing. The police and public are being used as guinea-pigs”.

   NB:The NRPB and the government insist that the base station masts do not ‘pulse’ at the 17.6Hz frequency known to affect the beta-waves in the brain. This is absolutely incorrect, and their insistence is all down to the definition of the term ‘pulsing’. In fact the base station masts DO pulse at both 17.6Hz and 70.4Hz. This is clearly seen in the NRPB’s own documents (Possible Health Effects from TETRA. Volume 12 No 2, 2001). More details on pulsing are available at www.powerwatch.org.uk (can be accessed from our links page). Pulsed microwave signals, as employed by the TETRA system have a much more aggressive effect on the body as they interfere with several well defined frequencies used by the body.

House Value

   Would you be interested in buying a house close to a Tetra mast? If a mast was put up next to your house, would it maintain it’s current value?

   In May of this year, Swindon Council had to award 7 households sums between £1Ok & £20k in a court ruling on devaluation of property on the grounds that the council had acted improperly/maladministration in notifying residents about a Tetra mast proposal and its consequential devaluation of their property.

   The landowner of where any mast is erected or the person to whom the rent is paid also carries the can. Is the landlord’s insurance company prepared to issue in writing third party indemnity for any medical or devaluation in neighbouring property? One landowner in Devon is at this very moment being sued for £5million for loss of value in 5 neighbouring residences.

   Would someone be interested in buying your house if it was near a Tetra mast?