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This page is for comments we have received from visitors to the ACTnews website. It demonstrates the strength of feeling and concerns that people have about Tetra.

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“We have been experiencing considerable interference with our television, radio telephones etc momentarily blocking out. I am very concerned about the implications to our health and the value of our property.”

“We really need the whole nation to stand up to the phone companies and the Governments pig headed attitude. Good luck.”

“Not good for the areas health.”

“The proximity of the Tetra Masts is of huge concern to me and my family. We have been experiencing a lot of “interference” with our telephones ringing momentarily when no one has dialled us, our televisions and radio blacking out without any power loss.”

“Have read about the effects of masts, microwaves etc and am very concerned for my family’s health and the health of the community. Do not wish to live near such a health hazard and know that it will devalue property in Alcester. We are lucky to live in an area of outstanding beauty and good living conditions. Please don’t spoil our health and the health of our children.”

“After attending the meeting in Alcester in September we feel there are many questions to be answered before the masts are erected.”

“This is absolutely disgusting what is going on. I wonder how many government officials will be living close to Tetra masts?!!”